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Free their minds and take back your families!!

So many of you are tired of the daily struggles, the fear, the bias, the boredom, the lack of progress and the overwhelm that your children and families face from the School System. 

I understand.

So many of you have reached out to me for help and advice about unschooling that it's become challenging to keep up with and respond to everyone, so I've developed this FREE and information loaded session to cover the essentials of beginning and successfully completing this journey.

You've given me a new mission!

As a veteran unschooler with well over a decade of experience, I've seen it all. I've struggled with every choice and made every mistake that you can possibly encounter on this path. I'd like to help as many of you as possible avoid the stumbling blocks and bad decisions that I made due to ignorance.

I'd like to equip each and every one of you with the necessary tools and knowledge at the start of (or early in) your family's journey that took me YEARS to acquire - the hard way.

In this session, I'll cover:



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